Lily Star Study Company

Lily Star

The current generations of developed countries tend to study there and complete their scientific and practical journey abroad, and most countries are currently competing in developing education and universities to obtain the highest scientific degree for students.

Our company provides services, solutions and educational advice to study outside Egypt and obtain a seat in the largest and best universities outside Egypt through our previous experience in enrolling a large number of students in the best public or private universities outside Egypt.


  • We translate and document all the study papers necessary for application.
  • Complete all documents required to apply to the university.
  • Presenting the special conditions for each university and the costs of studying there.
  • Providing consultations in terms of (state / university / costs / living / housing).
  • Ending all procedures for student visas for each country.
  • We provide educational advice to our students to choose the appropriate specialization.
  • Extract the student’s registration as soon as possible.
  • Assisting our students in obtaining a student visa and travel permit.
  • We provide the appropriate airline tickets for our students.
  • We will be with you step by step until success.