Lily Star Modern services

Lily Star

Lily star modern services is one of the most powerful cleaning companies that provide all facilities services and clean the destinations of glass companies and chimneys.

It also cleans office furniture and restaurants and suctions dust from carpets and rugs The cleaning process is usually a troublesome process for its owners, but for us it is the best solution for our team that is able to turn cleaning into a fun process that takes place quickly and mastery because we rely on the strongest team trained in the work of cleaning destinations, internal cleaning, cleaning homes and clearing marble, and we focus on Lily Star Services on quality and speed of implementation is through an organized and tidy program.


In the company’s work system, we rely on the use of high-quality materials with international brands, and our suppliers are among the largest companies, because we have a firm belief that we preserve the furniture and furnishings of our valued customers using these international materials, using the latest devices, equipment, and cleaning tools for homes and companies.

The services provided by our company are not limited to a specific place or facility, but include homes, companies, industrial sites, restaurants, schools, universities or whatever place needs cleaning and include….

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Home hygiene
  • Cleanliness companies
  • Cleaning water tanks
  • Marble polishing and polishing
  • Cleaning building facades
  • Post cleaning
  • Cleaning hood restaurants
  • sterilization
  • pest control