Lily Star Tourism Company

Lily Star Tourism Company is one of the first tourism services companies that provides the lowest cost with the fastest time to complete travel procedures through the actual experience of professional employees in processing all the travel procedures for clients as well as the actual experiences in traveling worldwide.

Lily Star Study

The current generations of developed countries tend to study there and complete their scientific and practical journey abroad, and most countries are currently competing in developing education and universities to obtain the highest scientific degree for students. Our company provides services, solutions and educational advice to study outside Egypt and obtain a seat in the largest and best universities outside Egypt through our previous experience in enrolling a large number of students in the best public or private universities outside Egypt.

Lily Star Modern Services

Lily star modern services is one of the most powerful cleaning companies that provide all facilities services and clean the destinations of glass companies and chimneys. It also cleans office furniture and restaurants and suctions dust from carpets and rugs. The cleaning process is usually a troublesome process for its owners, but for us it is the best solution for our team that is able to turn cleaning into a fun process that takes place quickly and mastery because we rely on the strongest team trained in the work of cleaning destinations, internal cleaning, cleaning homes and clearing marble

Lily Star Consultancy

Some think that establishing a company in all countries of the world is very difficult during those days, while the procedures for establishing the company with us do not exceed a limited number of days, in addition to the safe investment inside and outside Egypt, where the group provides, within its distinguished services, the service of establishing companies of all kinds.

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